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Learn Spanish with Varon Osorio

Varón Osorio is from Mérida, Yucatán, México. He is a bilingual educator, artist, and entrepreneur who has mastered the art of teaching both the English and Spanish languages by combining both a classical and a modern approach inside and outside the classroom. ​At a young age, he was initiated in Latin and Classic Greek Etymology and then pursued a career in teaching the Spanish and English languages. He has now accumulated 20 years’ experience and has taught thousands of students from over 40 nations in elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, universities, and many private language schools in both the United States and Mexico.

Yolanda Lucas is from Madrid, Spain. She is an adventurous and lively woman who believes in persistence and focus to achieve anything you may want. Her professional career in Spain went from being a teacher for 8 years, then becoming a system administrator for international telecommunication and banking companies for another 8 years, and, finally, deciding to work with people again by becoming a coach, trainer and speaker in communication skills for business owners and entrepreneurs. After moving to Boulder in 2016 she had the chance to
teach Spanish in a high school, where she discovered the joy of teaching her language and sharing her culture with students. There she had the opportunity to develop activities for the students to help them to keep focus and motivation in class. She has also participated in events such as leading Spanish conversation groups, were she had the chance to go to a higher level with her students. Her expertise is in helping people learn to communicate efficiently, become more confident and fluent and, specially, improve their professional Spanish skills.

Learn Spanish with Yolanda Lucas
Spanish Classes with David Cooley

David Cooley’s love affair with the Spanish language began in the predominantly Latino neighborhoods of central, west coast Florida where he first grew up. Later this passion would take root and blossom, working as a professional chef in the restaurant industry. As he has continued to transition out of the kitchen, his focus has shifted towards work that is more focused on teaching Spanish, community outreach, and social justice. This shift in focus was inspired by the many years spent working side by side with his Spanish speaking coworkers, witnessing firsthand the racism and inequality that they unjustly endured because of their minority status. As he has come to understand that the unjust social dynamics that exist in the world of professional kitchens are a reflection of larger social patterns, he continues to be motivated to promote cultural bridge building through the medium of teaching language. David brings an approach to teaching Spanish that is aimed at fostering the development of students’ personal values and sense of purpose in the world. Through a unique, interactive approach—infused with humor and enthusiasm—he presents information within the context of conversation, which greatly enhances the student’s ability to learn and retain material learned in class. He seeks to inspire students to become emotionally invested in the process of learning Spanish by challenging them to examine and articulate their beliefs and values through the medium of the language. If you have ever been frustrated in the past with Spanish classes that have left you feeling unable to use what you’ve learned, or have been overwhelmed by the mechanical memorization of lists of phrases without proper context or application, then you owe it to yourself to give one of his classes a try!

David Faulkner holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Spanish, with an emphasis in teaching, and has taught Spanish in every grade from fourth to the university level. He is passionate about the fundamentals of language, as well as interpersonal communication and personal expression, particularly where their practical application has a positive impact on people’s lives. David is the author of Superheroes (2015) and De cabo a rabo (2017), but his true calling is teaching Spanish and inspiring others to practice it in their daily lives. When he’s not teaching, David enjoys spending time with his two children, traveling the world, and staying active. He is an idealist and a relentless dreamer, reveling in the happiness of pursuit.

Learn Spanish with David Faulker
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