The purpose of language is to communicate and connect – understand and be understood.  Boulder Spanish’s method is both communicative and conversational.

Communicative means that the primary function of the lesson is to get the student communicating quickly and correctly with a social purpose in mind. You have something to say and/or find out.  We focus on helping the student deliver the message clearly through simple concepts that build one on the other, slowly interweaving new vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Conversational means that classes will be conducted entirely in Spanish, only using English when difficult points of clarification arise.  To understand and be understood, one must acquire the language, and not just learn it.  It is a skill that must be practiced frequently, so we will do just that in our highly participative, interactive conversations in the classroom.  All students will be met at their level and all students will benefit from this immersive environment.

At Boulder Spanish, we prioritize developing the skill of speaking in all our classes, during the whole class session.  We focus on specific oral exercises that are controlled by the teacher in order to maximize strategic repetition and retention of target material. Our top priority is that students gain oral agility with Spanish. Which is why we put so much emphasis on oral interaction in class. We also understand that this is the only skill that students can’t get on their own, studying at home. Which is precisely why you need a trained teacher to skillfully guide you through the process in person.

The drill is the cornerstone of the Boulder Spanish method. The way it works is simple. We give the students carefully selected phrases or sentences in order to reinforce very specific grammatical structures, vocabulary, or idiomatic expressions. With these drills we systematically move from within the comfort zone of our students, within the realm of what is already known, and then, bit by bit, with small but firm steps, we leave that familiar place in order to continually incorporate new material. In class, we never expose anybody to a grammatical structure that is much beyond their comprehension level, because we know that we would only undermine their confidence and motivation. In other words, it’s much better to advance slowly via a path well traveled than to quickly arrive nowhere.

And there it is, the secret to your success! The strategic and systematic repetition of carefully selected material, delivered by trained teachers who know how to make learning Spanish fun and dynamic. By following an extremely effective method built on the understanding of how your brain naturally learns language, you will rapidly experience surprising results!  Come and see for yourself at Boulder Spanish today.