Nicole is originally from Santiago, Chile and has lived in Boulder for the last three years. She is a Chef of French and international cuisines, and specializes in pastries. She studied at Ecole Culinaire Française in both Chile and France. She discovered her passion for teaching Spanish almost three years ago, after coming to Boulder and now immensely enjoys sharing and teaching her first language to others.

She enjoys preparing customized lessons and is always is looking to create fun and interactive classes. Also she loves to travel abroad, hike, paint, and meet new people and experience different cultures. She is a patient and friendly teacher dedicated to helping students overcome barriers in their Spanish and feel comfortable communicating fluently.

While studying in Chile she focused on understanding the origins and ecological considerations of each ingredient. After leaving Chile to hone her classic French technique in southern France, at Relais de la Poste in Magescq, where she specialized in French pastries and desserts. Now, since coming to Colorado, where she found her parallel passion of teaching her native language (Spanish), she has continued to pursue her love of food and cooking through continually experimenting with less-French variations and learning to find the same exciting flavors in healthy and vegetarian dishes as well. She loves to combine classic Latin recipes with French and American influences.