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We are the seed of an upcoming network of schools that will use language, culture and the arts to create bonds in education while promoting and strengthening cultural and economic growth across the Americas.
spanish meetup boulder
Spanish Interactions

Join us every two weeks and interact with others in Spanish by talking, moving, dancing and having fun in a very dynamic meetup conducted by Yolanda Lucas! This Meetup is on a drop-in basis, so no long term commitment is necessary. RSVP HERE

Louisville adult Spanish lessons
“Entrelíneas” – Club de Lectores (Español Avanzado)

Únete a nosotros para aprender a hablar mejor el español a través de la lectura! Esta ocasión vamos a leer 3 cuentos cortos de Jorge Luis Borges: La lotería de Babilonia, La biblioteca de Babel, La intrusa Léanlas y traigan sus comentarios y puntos de vista para compartir y tener una buena conversación! RSVP HERE

Boulder Colorado Learn Spanish
Spanish Classes Starting July 9th

Boulder Spanish is committed to enhance and improve your Spanish comprehension abilities. You can learn Spanish in a short time if you follow our lead and commit for at least for 6 months. Save time! You can learn in a few months what other schools try to teach you in years. We will guide you and encourage you to keep a balanced pace so you can accomplish your Spanish learning goals. SEE SCHEDULE HERE