About Our Speaking Workouts

Practice, practice, practice!! These high intensity, 60 min workouts will keep your skills sharp, just like any sport or musical instrument, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran. A “building blocks” approach will be taken to quickly master a single concept and then slowly adding pieces to create more complete and complex phrases. Vocabulary building will be naturally incorporated into the exercises, and grammar concepts will be learned and understood almost imperceptibly as meaning is emphasized over form.

Beginners love this class because of its simple structure and repetitive nature. Intermediate and Advanced students tell us it’s a great mental workout, especially because most don’t get enough speaking practice at home, school or office.

These are often our most popular classes, so come and try one out for yourself! The first lesson is always free!

  • 4 hours of classroom time/month
  • Course materials included
  • A convenient and professional office location near you
  • Staff availability 8a-6pm every business day via email/text to answer students questions
  • Expert guidance and specific homework instructions of how to study and practice in easy to follow drills.  (what to do for at least 10 minutes a day and to prepare for next class)
  • Free access to our Conversation Club
  • Frequent meetup and special event opportunities every month

Speaking Workouts

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