About Boulder Spanish Private Classes

Private classes take place in the convenience of your home, your office or a local coffee shop. As the student, you have a great advantage in these classes, as the attention is 100% on you, your objectives, and content that is specifically crafted to your interests. Our staff uses the same conversational and communicative style we use in all of our group classes. How often we meet and where is customizable to your busy schedule.

All Boulder Spanish private classes, regardless of level,
have the following in common.

  • 60-120 minute classes, depending on your preference
  • Cost: $50 per hour, purchased in 4 or 8 hour blocks.
  • A convenient and professional office location near you
  • Professional developed course materials by local author and teacher.  One time charge of $60 for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced book.
  • Free access to our Conversation Club
  • Staff availability 8a-6pm every business day via email/text to answer students questions
  • Expert guidance and specific homework instructions of how to study and practice in easy to follow drills.  (what to do for at least 10 minutes a day and to prepare for next class)
  • Frequent meetup and special event opportunities every month

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