About Spanish for Non-Profits & Volunteers

You have a passion for helping and that includes working with native Spanish speakers both here in Colorado or abroad. Boulder Spanish is committed to making you a more effective communicator in order to deepen your human experience and to increase the effectiveness of your work. Classes are tailored specifically to your type of work, planned location (if abroad), and any specific content requirements.


Non-profits & Volunteers


Effective Communication

Customized Vocabulary

Survival Skills

Creating Connection

  • 90 min class, once a week (6 hours per month)
  • Course materials $60
  • Weekly communication from staff to you via email or text message (practicing what we learned in class)
  • Staff are available all day, every day of the week via email/text to answer students questions
  • Expert guidance and specific homework instructions of how to study and practice in easy to follow drills.  (what to do for at least 10 minutes a day and to prepare themselves for next class)
  • 1 Meetup once a month (Staff and students meet at a public place for social time and practicing -Spanish) – All levels

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