Master Classes

The Boulder Spanish Master Class Series offer intensive classes designed to help you conquer and master some of the most challenging and confusing grammatical concepts of the Spanish language.

In each of these dynamic and comprehensive classes you will get:

  • 3 hours of concentrated focus on a single grammatical concept.
  • Comprehensive explanations of each topic, accompanied by plenty of helpful and clear examples.
  • Interactive activities that will give you the opportunity to immediately put into practice what you have just learned.
  • A study guide and activity packet including all the information presented in class, as well as an ample selection of exercises to reinforce your mastery of the target material.
  • The opportunity to have all of your most burning questions regarding each of these troublesome topics answered for once and for all.

The Boulder Spanish Master Class series schedule:

  • Por y Para
  • Ser y Estar
  • Pretéritos Perfecto e Imperfecto
  • Los Pronombres I II
  • El Subjuntivo I II III

These classes are going to fill up fast, so sign up now to ensure your spot!

*All Boulder Spanish Members get 50% off regular prices.

Boulder Spanish teacher, David Cooley, will help demystify and elucidate the grammatical concepts that have continued to confuse and elude you until now. If you’re serious about making progress, then take the next step in your journey towards attaining your Spanish language goals!

Spanish Classes with David Cooley

David Cooley – Spanish Teacher & Mentor

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