Advanced Group Classes

Tema 1- Where we live
Tema 2- Entertainment
Tema 3- The environment and nature
Tema 4- Mysteries, phenomenons and conspiracies
Tema 5- The human body and medicine
How it works

We offer an all-inclusive package and a personalized learning experience for every student that walks into our doors! All new students start on a 5-week program that offers an unlimited number of classes and many other perks. Keep in mind that learning a language takes time, hard work and dedication so we ask you to put your heart and soul for 5 weeks to maximize results. Once you realize the progress you are making, you may continue attending classes to refine your overall Spanish communication skills in our Full Spanish Program.

ALL-INCLUSIVE Spanish Classes for All Levels Starting September 10th!

You can choose from 5 different levels:

Beginner,   Beginner Plus,   Intermediate,   Intermediate Plus,   Advanced

Each block covers 5 specific topics according to the level. You can choose to do all our learning blocks continuously or come back and do them anytime.

Looking for Private Classes?

Today is the day to begin your Spanish Journey, join us to learn and master Spanish once and for all.

Advanced Classes

Two-hour classes once a week for 5 weeks

Textbooks not included (Cost $40)
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