New Classes starting April 23rd!

Don’t Wait any Longer to Speak Another Language! Contact Us and We Can get You Started Right Away!

5-week complete programs divided into 5 levels (10 Hours in each level): 

  • Basics For anyone starting from absolute zero. 
  • Beginner For anyone who has taken a previous Basics course, and for anyone who has had some previous experience in high school or that has learned another romance language such as French.
  • Intermediate – For anyone who has taken previous Beginner Spanish courses locally or abroad.
  • Intermediate Plus For anyone that wants to excel in their Spanish comprehension and speaking abilities. 
  • Advanced For anyone who would like more opportunities to practice Spanish. The only way to be fluent is constant practice!


Be Inspired!

120-Minute Classes Once per Week

Invest time into your Spanish-learning experience and be motivated!


Be Creative!

120-Minute Classes Once per Week

Practice what you already know, and enhance your speaking and comprehension abilities.


Be Fluent!

120-Minute Classes Once per Week

Keep your skills in tune and gain more knowledge of customs and lifestyles in Spanish-speaking countries.

Boulder Spanish is committed to enhance and improve your Spanish comprehension abilities. You can learn Spanish in a short time if you follow our lead and commit for at least for 6 months. Save time! You can learn in a few months what other schools try to teach you in years. We will guide you and encourage you to keep a balanced pace so you can accomplish your Spanish learning goals.

Questions? Contact us.

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