Group Classes

Boulder Spanish is committed to enhance and improve your Spanish comprehension abilities. You can learn Spanish in a short time if you follow our lead and commit for at least for 6 months. Save time! You can learn in a few months what other schools try to teach you in years. We will guide you and encourage you to keep a balanced pace so you can accomplish your Spanish learning goals.
New Classes Starting July 9th!

Don’t wait any longer to speak another language!


For anyone starting from absolute zero. 

Beginner Plus

For anyone who has taken previous Basic courses or that has learned another romance language such as French.


For anyone who has taken previous Beginner Spanish courses locally or abroad.

Intermediate Plus

 For anyone that wants to excel in their Spanish comprehension and speaking abilities.


For anyone who would like more opportunities to practice Spanish. The only way to be fluent is constant practice!

Advanced Plus

Coming Soon…

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