About Boulder Spanish Group Classes

Boulder Spanish group classes offer a friendly, fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can make new friends and reap the benefits of a group learning environment. You will be matched with students with a similar level so that all students benefit from shared learning experiences. Group exercises, role-play and real life scenarios will all be incorporated to keep things fun and interactive.

Am I a good candidate?

  • You enjoy the added energy of having others in the classroom with you, rather than just you and the instructor.
  • You believe that questions and insights from other students further enrich your learning experience or cover areas you may not have considered.
  • You are excited to connect to other Spanish speakers in your community who share your love for language, culture and international travel.
  • You are looking for an affordable option to private classes.

Class size and composition

  • Typical class size is 4-8 persons. We believe meaningful and frequent student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactions, monitored practice and individual feedback are all key to student success. Limiting class sizes ensures you will get all the practice and feedback needed to push your skills to the next level.
  • You will be matched by level to the right class so that all students are engaged and learning at the same pace. Need to switch classes or try another level? Not a problem! And there are no additional charges to do so. We guarantee your satisfaction!

All Boulder Spanish group classes, regardless of level,
have the following in common.

  • 60 or 90 minute classes
  • Options for 1x/week,  2x/week, or 3x/week
  • Cost: $80/month for 4 hrs,  $120/month for 6 hrs,  $240/month for 12 hrs
  • A convenient and professional office location near you
  • Professional developed course materials by local author and teacher.  One time charge of $60 for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced book.
  • Free access to our Conversation Club
  • Weekly communication from staff to you via email or text message (practicing what we learned in class)
  • Staff availability 8a-6pm every business day via email/text to answer students questions
  • Expert guidance and specific homework instructions of how to study and practice in easy to follow drills.  (what to do for at least 10 minutes a day and to prepare for next class)
  • Frequent meetup and special event opportunities every month

Beginner Levels (I and II)

Starting a new language might seem like a big challenge. It’s not just learning the structure, but also understanding the cultural differences we have with the Spanish-speaking world. In Boulder Spanish, we make it easy for you to acquire useful and practical speaking skills that will help you engage in basic conversation right away. We will also immerse ourselves into current news and events, as we look at them through different culturally-influenced perspectives. ​​In addition, basic grammar and language-building structure will be learned. ​

Intermediate Level​s (I and II)

At this stage of learning, we facilitate practice and enhance your basic Spanish skills. Although it’s not necessary to know grammar in detail to speak another language, we find it very useful to help us cross some bridges faster in order to reach our Spanish learning goals. Grammar will be learned in a fun and dynamic way, using games and visuals. This class also works on your reading and writing skills with real-life stories and tales of Spain and the Latin American countries. There will be guest speakers as well, that will come and talk to you about their native countries for cultural and conversational topics.

Advanced Levels (I and II)

One of the most difficult parts of learning a language fully, is the lack of opportunities to practice and be creative with what you have learned. In our advanced classes, students will be speaking Spanish at all times, while learning more grammar and vocabulary that will be applied in developing many class projects. In addition, we encourage you to join our various events and social gatherings such as culinary shows, conversation club, meetups and movie nights to immerse yourself deeper in the language and have places where you can always practice your Spanish.

Have any questions?

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