How it works?  

We have synthesized the essentials of the Spanish language into 5 learning blocks. Our main goal is for you to be able to be conversational in a short period of time. Keep in mind that learning a language takes time, hard work and dedication so we ask you to put your heart and soul for at least 5 weeks. Then you may continue your practices with us to refine your overall Spanish communication in our Full Spanish Program. All learning blocks are 5 weeks long. You can choose from 5 different levels: Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Advanced. Each block covers 5 specific topics according to the level. You can choose to do all our learning blocks continuously or come back and do them anytime. Classes start every two weeks so you can join whenever you are ready.  

5-week learning blocks divided into 5 levels (10 Hours in each level): 

  • Basics – For anyone starting from absolute zero. 
  • Beginner – For anyone who has taken a previous Basics course, and for anyone who has had some previous experience in high school or that has learned another romance language such as French.


All classes are 10 hours in 5-week blocks.

Textbooks not included

Topics for Basic Classes

Overview: Building-block process to help you understand the basics of the language.

Topics covered in this block:

Week 1- Spanish-English Cognates: Words that have common etymological origins: Learn hundreds of Spanish words through cognates from the very beginning.

Week 2- Verb “To Be”: Describe personalities and characteristics. Tell us where you are, or where something is. Tell us how you are feeling?

Week 3- Verbs like Gustar: Talk about things everyone likes or the activities that everyone likes to do.

Week 4- Regular verbs: Follow patterns and formulas to practice the most useful Spanish regular verbs. Use the most common question words: what, where, who, Etc.

Week 5- Irregular verbs: We’ll talk about places to go, things you are going to do, things you want to do, things you can or cannot do, things you prefer, and others.


All classes are 10 hours in 5-week blocks.

Textbooks not included

Topics for Beginner Classes

Overview: As a Beginner you will continue building a strong foundation on the basics, as well as learning useful phrases to enhance your conversation skills. We will not be using any English in class. 

Topics covered in this block:

Week 1- Future with the verb “ir” Use this tense to speak effortlessly in the future. e.g. Voy a comer pollo esta noche. Ellos van a vivir en México el próximo año.

Week 2- Verb “To Be”: Tell us things that are happening at this instant. e.g.  Estoy comiendo; Estamos bailando.

Week 3- Verbs like Gustar”: Learn different verbs that are similar to gustar. e.g. encantar, interesar, doler.

Week 4- Regular verbs: Separate the stems from the endings of regular verbs. e.g. com-er, presenta-ción, Etc.  

Week 5- Reflexive verbs: Get acquainted with reflexive verbs. They indicate that someone or something is performing an action on or for itself. e.g. Ella se baña; Ellos se cepillan los dientes.

More Classes and Levels Coming Soon.