Yolanda Lucas

Teacher & Coach
About Me

“Yolanda Lucas is from Madrid, Spain. She is an adventurous and lively woman who believes in persistence and focus to achieve anything you may want. Her professional career in spain goes from being a teacher during 8 years, then becoming a system administrator for international telecommunication and banking companies for another 8 years and, finally, she decided to work back with people by becoming a coach, trainer and speaker in communication skills for business owners and entrepreneurs.

After moving to boulder in 2016 she had the chance to teach spanish in a high-school where she discovered the joy of teaching her language and sharing her culture with the students. There she had the opportunity to develop activities for the students to help them to keep the focus and motivation in class. She has also participated in events as leading spanish conversation groups were she had the chance to go to a higher level with her students.

Her expertise is to help people to learn how to communicate efficiently, becoming more confident, fluent and, specially, for those who are looking to improve their professional spanish skills.

With Yolanda you can either have private or group classes, or attend to her coaching classes where she creates discussions about themes as emotional inteligence, branding, marketing, and more.

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