Jose Useche

About Me

Jose was born in Venezuela, and his native language is Spanish. For many
years, he worked as a professor and researcher at two universities in
Caracas. His main goal is to encourage his students and ensure they speak
and write excellent Spanish. He believes that a strong language foundation
introduces students to a new body of learning. Because of this, Jose has
dedicated his career to teaching and learning.
Jose’s experience in teaching Spanish includes tutoring undergraduate
and graduate students with their theses, training teachers at the
elementary, secondary and university levels, and helping professionals
perfect their Spanish. Jose has also worked as a curriculum consultant for
a number of years to help improve training and academic programs.
Jose holds a Master’s Degree in Administration and Curriculum from Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA) and a Doctorate in Education from the Pedagogical University (UPEL) of Caracas, Venezuela. He was a Fulbright Fellow at Gonzaga University. He has written a number of books including El Salmón del Pacífico que Retornó al Océano, el Ciclo de la Vida. Jose moved to Boulder in 2016, relocating from Seattle. He enjoys traveling, hiking and swimming. He has a passion for education and helping people improve their  Spanish.

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