Isabel Enright

About Me

My passion for teaching started many years ago when I first taught ESL (English as a second language) in a bilingual elementary school back in my native Mexico.
I came to the USA 25 years ago and since then I’ve been teaching Spanish to children all around Boulder Valley elementary and middle school (K through 8th grades) and for the last five years, I’ve also enjoyed teaching and tutoring adults. Whether it is to introduce a new language to children, adults or refresh memories and perhaps partly lost language skills, I have adapted classes for diverse needs. Some students wish to prepare for travel, others desire to learn to enhance their knowledge for professional purposes and some are considering retirement in Spanish speaking countries.
I love introducing interactive conversations, games, songs and cultural activities for all my students for them to engage fully in learning and participation. I developed a Summer camp program that introduces young students to the cultures and differences as well as similarities of Spanish speaking countries.

When not teaching or preparing for classes, I enjoy all types of music as well as dance styles. I may have passed on my passion for dancing to my daughter who minored in dancing at CU. I participate in Jazzercise as well as zumba classes, sometimes with my willing husband Jerry. We love to travel and planning to travel, domestically and overseas.

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