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We provide the space, tools, education and our innovative approach to a Spanish learning immersive environment accessible through a network of schools in Boulder County and beyond.
Who we are

We are a team of international educators and entrepreneurs well-versed on the U.S. and Latin-American cultures. We bring a rich diversity of skills and intercultural backgrounds. All of this enable us to create and share unique learning opportunities to individuals, families and professionals for deep and interactive experiences and growth through integrating social practices, language development and cultural knowledge. Join us today to learn Spanish with the best Colorado Spanish Classes on the front range.

Our Vision

To create a network of schools that will use language, culture and the arts to create bonds in education while promoting and strengthening cultural and economic growth across the Americas.

The Best Spanish Classes in Boulder, Colorado
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We provide our students with the most passionate and outgoing Spanish teachers in Boulder County to help them progress on a level not provided anywhere else.
Learn Spanish with Varon Osorio
Varon Osorio
Teacher & Director
Spanish Classes with Isbel
Isabel Enright
Teacher / Kids
Learn Spanish with David Faulker
David Faulkner
Teacher & Author
Learn Spanish with Yolanda Lucas
Yolanda Lucas
Teacher / Coach
Spanish Classes with David Cooley
David Cooley
Teacher / Chef
Spanish Classes with Micheal
Michael Ehrenburg
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