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Boulder Spanish is now offering classes at all levels of proficiency using an innovative approach to reach fluency quickly in an immersive atmosphere.

Join us in this exciting language adventure to be part of Spanish-speaking communities locally and abroad!

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We want to guide you on your journey into an immersive Spanish learning experience.

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Our school offers a variety of Spanish classes for people at all levels of proficiency.

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Our School Standards

Here at Boulder Spanish, we offer meaningful purpose to your language learning process. It’s not just a school, but a place where connections and friendships are created in order to learn and improve your Spanish speaking abilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish Boulder Spanish as a trusted and reliable source for Spanishlearning services and offer the best and most intention-driven methodology that is highly effective, fast and functional.

Community Learning

We are all teachers and learners of each other! We become a community by uniting through language in order to have a deeper sense of culture with growth and improvement.

Attentive Teachers

We go beyond the classroom and become more involved with you in order to get as much practice as possible outside of class. Either it is by text, email or a phone call and through ongoing meetups and events.

Global Opportunities

In the near future, we envision to create a network of community schools in Latin America focused on literacy, bilingualism and job training for
communities in need.

Our vision

We are the seed of an upcoming network of schools that will use language, culture and the arts to create bonds in education while promoting and strengthening the cultural and economic growth across the Americas.

Clear Guidance

The purpose of language is to communicate and connect – understand and be understood. Boulder Spanish’s method is both communicative and conversational.  

Are you ready to learn and master Spanish?

We are always accepting new students. Get started today!

Are you ready to learn and master Spanish?

We are always accepting new students. Get started today!


We provide our students with the most passionate and outgoing Spanish teachers in Boulder County to help them progress on a level not provided anywhere else.

Our Community and School News

Here in our blog you will be able to find all news related
to our teachers, school and community.

Día de Muertos in Mexico

Día de Muertos in Mexico

We invite you to get in contact with nature, culture and an indigenous women organization while learning and experience the mysticism of Día de muertos / Day of the death tradition in the region of Cuetzalan in Puebla, Mexico. 

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Spanish for Kids

Boulder Spanish is now enrolling Kids 5-10 for its Fall 2017 session! Why learn Spanish? Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S.   Childhood is the best time to start learning a second language.   Set the basis for understanding different cultures.   Enjoy travels more and be able to talk to more people…


Today is the day to begin your Spanish Journey.

Join us to learn and master Spanish once and for all.

Are you ready to learn and master Spanish?

We are always accepting new students. Get started today!