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Join us here at Boulder Spanish and delight in a high energy learning experience! Here, your classmates become your friends, and your teachers trusted mentors. Unlimited group classes, free one-on-one private help, workshops and event admissions come with every class sign-up.

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We want to guide you on your journey into an immersive Spanish learning experience.

Language Programs

Our school offers a variety of Spanish classes for people at all levels of proficiency.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish Boulder Spanish as a trusted and reliable source for Spanishlearning services and offer a highly effective methodology.

Community Learning

We are all teachers and learners of each other! We become a better community when we unite through language and culture.

Attentive Teachers

We go beyond the classroom and become more involved with you in order to get as much practice as possible outside of class. Our goal is to make sure you learn Spanish in a short period of time.

Global Opportunities

In the near future, we envision to create a network of community schools in Latin America focused on literacy, bilingualism and job training for
communities in need.

Our vision

We are the seed of an upcoming network of schools that will use language, culture and the arts to create bonds in education while promoting and strengthening cultural and economic growth across the Americas.


We have plenty of knowledge and experience producing our own original materials for different types of courses. We also use, as our official textbook, “De Cabo a Rabo” from David Faulkner, a teacher and member of our Spanish-speaking community. 

Be inspired. Learn Spanish.

We are always accepting new students. Get started today!

Are you ready to learn and master Spanish?

We are always accepting new students. Get started today!


We provide our students with the most passionate and outgoing Spanish teachers in Boulder County to help them progress on a level not provided anywhere else.

Our Community and School News

Here in our blog you will be able to find all news related
to our teachers, school and community.

Naughty Spanish – Part One

Not for the faint-hearted! Come and join us for part one of the series “Naughty Spanish”. Here we will talk about Spanish insults and their cultural usage and meaning. You will also learn and share how to avoid common mistakes that can be misinterpreted in Spain and Latin American countries, plus many expressions and slangs…


Spanish Classes Starting June 11th

Boulder Spanish is committed to enhance and improve your Spanish comprehension abilities. You can learn Spanish in a short time if you follow our lead and commit for at least for 6 months. Save time! You can learn in a few months what other schools try to teach you in years. We will guide you and encourage you…


Spanish Interactions

Join us every two weeks and interact with others in Spanish by talking, moving, dancing and having fun in a very dynamic meetup conducted by Yolanda Lucas! This Meetup is on a drop-in basis, so no long term commitment is necessary. Please note the following schedule: Basic Group from 9-10am Intermediate Group from 10-11am Advanced…


Today is the day to begin your Spanish Journey.

Join us to learn and master Spanish once and for all.

Are you ready to learn and master Spanish?

We are always accepting new students. Get started today!